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The APEX company is a federal supplier and one of the largest distributors of European technologies, equipment and materials for auto repair.

The vast experience of the company's specialists, close cooperation with leading European manufacturers, strict quality control of all materials, and a clear understanding of the expectations and wishes of customers allowed APEX to win the recognition of hundreds of body repair professionals.


The APEX company is a leader in the continuous race for quality and result in the market for the promotion of paints and varnishes for car body restoration.

Like a Formula 1 car, the company chooses the most high-tech elements, and, according to the most efficient trajectory, brings the most advanced solutions for refurbishing paintwork to a rigorous court, leaving competitors far behind.

But, not everyone knows that a great work of a large team is hidden behind a bright victory. Indeed, thanks to the close-knit work and dedication, the APEX team becomes a single whole and wins the Cup of Confidence of its customers.

Meet the heroes of the Grand Prix:

The department of application technology and customer support (auto-painters-technologists) is a kind of "Racing Team".

Each APEX technologist is a bold, energetic "pilot" who is not afraid to challenge a competitor's brand and prove his skills in practice.

There are no impassable turns for the APEX technologists!

The sales department of the APEX company can be compared in power with the "Engineering Department of F1".

These are people who live their own business, regularly monitor internal and external changes in the market, collect feedback from partners and "pilots" and develop a plan to take over the world!

The purchasing department, like the F1 Motor Engineers Department, is the heart of any team. Just as a minder builds an engine, a procurement specialist builds a supply chain to ensure the best possible conditions.

Thorough analytics of market needs and sample tests allow you to increase the company's capacity level to the limit!

The Aerodynamics Department, also known as the APEX Marketing and Advertising Department, is responsible for the external characteristics.

Professionals in their field are in constant dynamics and search for creative proposals for the promotion and development of the product.

The staff of the APEX warehouse, with their approach to business, resembles the F1 pit stop when a team of first-class mechanics demonstrates the highest speed and responsibility.

Only thanks to prompt response and error-free execution of the assigned task, it is possible to achieve the highest ratings of partners.

So, whether it be different types of turns - chicanes, parabolics or wheel studs, new lines of business, exchange rate changes or political reforms, the flexible APEX team is ready to follow the ideal trajectory and show the best lap times!

History of success

  • 1992

    opening of a company for the retail trade of auto chemistry in St. Petersburg

  • 1996

    business expansion, start of wholesale

  • 1998

    the assortment of paints and varnishes is expanded with the product lines of the HB BODY company

  • 2008

    the company begins to specialize in the sale of HB BODY paints and varnishes and moves exclusively to wholesale supplies

    registration of the company "APEX"

  • 2010

    the first contract for the exclusive distribution of HB BODY products in Russia and the CIS countries was signed

  • 2011

    opening of a training and methodological centre in St. Petersburg

  • 2012

    opening of branches in Moscow, Rostov and Chelyabinsk

  • 2014

    organization and opening of express courses to improve the qualifications of auto technicians

  • 2015

    conclusion of a contract for federal distribution of IWATA products

  • 2016

    conclusion of a contract for federal distribution of NORTON products

  • 2017

    creation and registering of official professions of the specialization "Avtomalyar"

    recruitment of the first stream of students in the St. Petersburg technical school "Autoservice"

Company's mission

The APEX company comprehends its mission in raising the level of painting skills in Russia.

For this, we:

  • We have organized four-day intensive courses "Avtomalyar", and we issue state-recognized certificates to graduated from them.
  • Introduced the specialization "Avtomalyar" into the list of official professions and recruited the first stream of students.
  • We regularly hold thematic webinars, where we share our vast experience, knowledge of all the nuances of technological processes, information about the latest developments in the industry.
  • We organize "battles" during which we honestly compare materials.
  • We send our specialists to different cities of Russia to conduct various seminars - to exchange experience, analyze market trends, etc.